30+ years of experience is a lot. But under our slowly greying beards are just a couple of kids who love what they do.



With years of experience in several of Seattle's best design agencies, Jason approaches branding with a strategic, business-oriented methodology; crafting solutions that look past design trends and thoughtfully serve the client's immediate and long-term goals. Jason believes in clear objectives, great communication, and ego free design solutions that are driven by a strong, definable concept. He is thorough, detail-oriented, and committed to a daily pursuit of the perfect pour-over. When he isn’t immersed in systems thinking, you can find him climbing mountains, wrestling with his three boys, or marveling at his magnificent wife.


Emerging from the punk & skateboarding underground, Corianton is a self-taught designer who merges radical thinking with masterful technique. He honed his skills at The Stranger as their youngest-ever Art Director, and then founded the award-winning creative agency Sleep Op Projects. His work has been featured in eight consecutive years of Print Magazine's Regional Design Annual, as well as multiple American and international graphic design anthologies. When he’s not debating theology or mixing cocktails with Jason, you’ll likely find him on an airplane with his husband, in search of the perfect Xiao Long Bao.


Select clients;

R.E.M., Nike, VISA, Microsoft, Easy Street Records, The Stranger, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Pepsi, and many more.