The magic of marijuana.


JuJu Joints was launching a new e-joint and needed packaging that stood out in the cliché world of marijuana. The owners also wanted an ancient African symbol, the Adinkra Fern, worked into the identity. With these as starting points Headquarters conjured a modern brand rooted in ancient rituals and tribal wisdom.


Hidden accent colors, generous foils, and a display built into the ten pack box are contemporary details that help Juju packaging stand off the shelf.


Photography: Don Milgate


By mixing the worlds of voodoo and dark magic with a dash of high fashion, we concocted a brand that moved beyond industry clichés and delivered a refined and bewitching alternative to the stigma-laden marijuana category.


“Headquarters created an identity that embodies the market category, yet very clearly positions us as a premium brand apart from the others. They pushed the original vision beyond our expectations and into the realm of serious brand recognition.”

Rick “Ranger” Stevens
Founder, Juju Joints