Treat yourself. 


When a world-class Swiss chocolatier, an award-winning Italian baker, and an American chef get together something delicious is bound to happen. When it did Headquarters was asked to create a delectable brand for them.


Since Lumette was targeting the luxury market we built their brand around the idea of being “All about you.” We named them and wrote their tagline, “Little Luxuries.” We also helped them focus their product offerings and developed a packaging system that was both elegant and practical.


Product Photography: Don Milgate 
Event Photography: Matthew Land


We worked with Lumette to help plan and design a classy launch party but were definitely not refined in the amount of chocolate we consumed that evening.


"Headquarters was an absolute pleasure to work with. Step by step, they guided us through the creative process with efficiency and precision. We are so proud of the results, and love receiving compliments from new customers!"

Ewald Notter
Head Chocolatier, Lumette